Robert Kocovski




A student of yoga, I have cultivated a daily practice of yoga asana, breathwork and meditation for over 9 years. Recognising the benefits on my mental wellbeing, I’m now dedicated to helping and guiding others to live with more awareness, patience and compassion. I feel the real benefits of the practice are evident in the healthy relationships I have developed with family, friends and business partners.

With a neverending thirst for self-knowledge and a genuine desire to be of service to the community, I have recently commenced a Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy with The Cairnmillar Institute. I also hold an undergraduate degree in Business - Human Resource Management and have a background in Financial Services.

My practice of yoga began in 2010 whilst working in Financial Services. In 2013 I left behind my corporate career and made my way to Mysore, India where I spent 6 weeks practising at the KPJAY Institute. During the same trip, I spent weeks in Nepal trekking in the Himalaya and exploring the majestic landscape and monasteries of Tibet. Since 2013 I’ve made biennial trips to Mysore where I continue to expand my understanding of yoga.


The practice…

Despite appearances, yoga is not only for the fit and flexible body. The only pre-requisites are the ability to breathe and willingness to be taught. 

This practice has two primary components, vinyasa and yoga trishtana

Vinyasa, is the merging of breath with movement. By breathing and moving in time, the body grows warmer and circulation improves as changes to the body and mind begin to take effect from within.

Yoga Trishtana, the three places of attention:

> Asana (posture) – purifies the body    

> Prana (Breath) – calms the nervous system    

> Drishti (gazing or looking point) - steadies the mind      

Practicing vinyasa and yoga trishtana helps to steady and calm the mind, body and nervous system, allowing us live from a place that is settled and peaceful.    


Yoga Programs & Rates…

Private Program (1-2 people)

Private yoga programs generally run as 6 week blocks with two 45-60 minute sessions per week.

$1,080 per 6 week term (1-2 people)

*Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. For more information please complete the contact form below with “private” in the subject.

Corporate Program

*For information about our corporate programs please complete the contact form below with “corporate” in the subject.


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